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Climax Spray us a bottle of 60 ml spray. The main ingredient is generic Lidocaine 10% in the aerosol form present in 200 metered doses (15gm). Climax Spray is a (generic Lidocaine) male desensitizing genital spray that temporary delays premature ejaculation.


Generic Name 
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Premature Ejaculation
MidasCare Pharma
Over 200 Spray (12gm in Bottle)
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What is Climax Spray?

Climax spray is a jug of 60 ml splash. The principle fixing is conventional Lidocaine 10% in the spray structure present in 200 metered portions (15gm). Climax Spray is a (nonexclusive Lidocaine) male desensitizing genital splash that brief defers untimely discharge.

It is an exceptional clinical definition which double activity. It is useful in giving dependable delayed penile erection and furthermore is useful in postponing untimely discharge. Made by Midas Pharmaceuticals, Climax Spray is effectively accessible on the drug store stores and on internet based pharmacies This contains the effective type of Lidocaine which goes about as a neighborhood sedative thus, defers the untimely launch in men.

What is Uses of Climax Spray?

Following are the utilizations and advantages:

  1. For the penile erection
  2. Untimely discharge
  3. Neighborhood sedative
  4. Torment easing shower
  5. For deadness

Drug Interactions:

The accompanying medications show drug co-operations with Climax Spray. Stay away from the accompanying medications:

  • Antiarrhythmic drugs
  • Nearby sedative prescriptions
  • Against ulcer prescriptions
  • Beta-blocker enemies of hypertensive

How to utilize Climax Spray?

Utilize this in case you are a male over 18 years old in particular. Shower on penis 15 minutes preceding sex.

Utilize the spray according to the underneath bearings:

  1. Shake the container completely till 10 seconds. Press the spout. Apply 3-4 splashes on the top of the penis Spread equitably on the penis shaft with the assistance of hand
  2. Leave as such for few moments for the moisturizer to get dry. Greatest 10 splashes each day are sufficient. Flush the region with water after the intercourse.

Symptoms (Side effects) of Climax  Spray

Try not to utilize Climax Spray if any of the accompanying incidental effects:

  1. Side effects identified with heart like bradycardia, low pulse.
  2. Obscured vision
  3. Dazedness, disarray, regurgitating, cold and hotness sensation, quake, happiness and other CNS related indications.
  4. The sensation of chest snugness
  5. Enlarging of face, mouth, lips, tongue
  6. Hives

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