Ignitemeds online pharmacy provide 100% satisfaction Guarantee toward our customer around the world.

Confirmation of your order

When a customer places an order, an email is sent to them by Ignitemeds which confirms the order placed by the customer. There is another email that follows the confirmation mail and is likely to be received within 24 hours from placing the order. This email processes the order and shows that it will be dispatched shortly.

In case there is an issue regarding the payment, like a non-completion of the payment, an email is sent to the client addressing the same.

Confirming your shipping dispatch

An order that is confirmed is likely to be dispatched and shipped the day an order is placed. Once the shipping is confirmed at the back end, an email is sent to the customer regarding the tracking number of the order. This email will have all the shipping details as well as the timeline of when to expect the delivery. This email will also have a “connect with us” option so that the order can be tracked manually by making a call.

The order can be shipped to the home as well as the work address, whatever is preferred by the customer. There is an option for registered airmail which is slightly expensive but is more secure in nature. This type of delivery asks for the buyer’s signature at the time of the delivery. In case the buyer is not available, a message is sent to the buyer regarding the attempt to deliver the package. The package can then be received by the buyer after contacting the post office the details of which are mentioned in the message sent at the time of the delivery. The order is placed on hold at the post office for about 4 weeks before an attempt to send it back is made.

APO Addresses and PO Boxes:

The delivery is made at the APO address as well as the PO Boxes as long as the option is open in the method of delivery offered by Ignitemeds. You can set your delivery to the APO or PO address by setting the primary address to the same.

Knowing the customs

Ignitemeds supplies its products not only within the territorial boundary in India but also in foreign countries. Thus if you have ordered as a foreign citizen then you got to have further time in your hand. Because your package when it reaches the airport or the port is likely to go through a customs check and this may result in additional delays.

We cannot be held liable for the delay that has been caused in the customs department as such delays are beyond our control. Usually, once the customs check is complete your package will be shipped to the local courier office from where the local dispatch procedure begins.

Remember that the customs check can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks so keep in hand additional time for this.

Time for you to get the package

Generally, for local and within the territorial zones, our packages are delivered within a few days. But there can always be delays due to some unforeseen circumstances such as delays in customs, or natural disasters or political disruptions, and turmoil or lockdown in the state.

For international orders, more time is required for us. we generally don’t take more than 2 to 3 weeks to post the placement of the final order on our portal.

But do keep in mind that there is going to be a customs check which can cause delay. It is the duty of the customer to track their package and shipments and call us for further reference if their package is still not delivered generally after 14 days.

Reshipping lost orders

We don’t generally face such scenarios but we cannot predict what’s going to happen tomorrow. We will generally reship all the orders or refund our customers in case the package is lost at our end during the transit period.

We bear the entire loss for the customer barring the taxes and customs duty. But in cases where the customers have not received their packages even after 21 days at maximum for all local and international orders the customer needs to get in touch with our helpline number.

In general, we will reship the product to the customer or ship the delivery once again for free this time. But such requests have to be made to our helpline and customer care executive within a maximum of 8 weeks post the final order placement.

We don’t refund or reship your package if you come to us informing us that you have not received your package after 8 weeks.

Return and refunding policy

In any circumstance, if the shipped order received by the customer is found to have a broken seal or tampered seal then it has to be reported by the customer within 7 days of receiving the shipment.

If you place a refund order or return order within 7 days we will arrange for a reshipment and pickup of the damaged product after verifying everything.

No return and refund orders are entertained after 7 days of receiving the order.

Customer order that customer receive that, In this case if customer placed/order wrong product and that product successfully delivered after that the product can’t be return or refund. This is all up to customer. So double check what you order.

Return or Refund only possible in case of customer order something else and received something else condition. Or any how order not received or delay.

This process, we will ask to wait 30 days from when your order has been shipped. If within the 30 days, you still have not received the order, even if you have not seen any notifications for that order was returned or on hold, we ask you to kindly contact us or raise a support ticket in our refund section or else mail us. We will update you within 12hrs. we are always here for any support which you need.

Delivery Times:

The shipping is done within 24 to 48 hours after the order is placed. The time taken to deliver the product depends on the courier service. In case the custom holds an order, it may take around 21 days to reach you. It is essential to contact us in case the order is not reached within 7 days of placing the order.

In Covid-19 Situation some time the International shipments will be substantially delayed due to global border closures.

We request every customer please be patient in this situation. About your order, we’ll try to send it through SEA with Singapore post.

If you have any query please reach us via Email:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. (If somehow your package is delayed or not delivered, Then we can reship your package or refund your full payment).